When you need extra storage space but you don’t want to break the bank, you can’t go wrong with safe, secure, and cheap storage at Chambers Connector Storage. We provide sea-cargo containers to help protect your valuables from the elements. All the while, offering unmatched accessibility, streamlined online payments, fencing, security cameras, onsite personnel, and more.

Whether you’re relocating, trying to declutter your home, or wanting to store seasonal items, self-storage is the solution. Likewise, if you need overflow space for business inventory, furniture, or equipment, or you’re downsizing into a smaller home, cheap storage is a must-have for millions of Americans. At Chambers Connector Storage, we’re proud to provide two sizes of storage containers to safeguard your valuables.

Cheap Storage in Secure Containers in Eugene

Although we are proud to offer the cheapest storage in Eugene, we are even prouder that we refuse to sacrifice security. Our solid-steel constructed sea-cargo storage units are designed to withstand all the elements. Our storage units are welded together so there are no removable panels.

All our containers are securely located within a fenced property, complete with 24-hour surveillance cameras. Our facility also offers live-onsite security professionals, along with computer-controlled gate access.

Sea-Cargo Containers Are Convenient

At our Eugene self-storage facility, each sea-cargo storage container has drive-up accessibility, so that you may park directly in front of your unit to unload, unpack, or retrieve your items. Each unit is on the ground level to provide added convenience and ease of access. So you don’t need to worry about elevators or stairs!

In addition, our wide lanes ensure that even large trucks and vehicles can maneuver easily throughout the grounds. Access to our secure facility is also available seven days a week, every day of the year, from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Cheap Storage Units in Multiple Sizes

To maximize savings, and to keep operations simple, sea-cargo containers are available in two sizes, to keep all your valuables safe. Choose from an 8′ x 20′ unit or an 8’x 40′ unit based upon your needs. Larger units can store entire households or vehicles. Smaller units may be the perfect self-storage option for business inventory, extra sporting equipment, and more.

Easy, Online Payments for Self-Storage

In addition to transparent pricing, available on our website, an online payment portal makes it simple to pay your monthly rental fee. You’ll never get unexpected charges because we only charge flat fees for your self-storage unit. Plus, you can pay your monthly rental fee online in just seconds through our secure portal.

Cheap Storage for Safekeeping Your Items

At Chambers Connector Storage, we’re proud to be the cheapest, most innovative self-storage facility in Eugene. Our unique storage containers are secure by design, and fortified by our extra security measures. This protects all of your items for as long as you need. Please contact us today, for answers to questions, or to reserve a sea-cargo container for self-storage. Or just stop by our office in Eugene Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, to tour our clean, accessible, and secure self-storage facility.