How much space you need for your stuff is directly proportional to how much stuff you have. Yes, we know, we should take that revelation directly to the White House. Think of an extra space storage unit as an extension of your home, office, or workshop. It’s where you can store your unused equipment, projects, or furniture for ease of access in a place where they aren’t in the way.

Things you can put in an Extra Space Storage Unit

Did the kids leave their old snowboards, kayaks, videogames, posters, or clothes in your house? Do you want to repurpose the space above the garage into a man cave or guest house? Throw it in the unit. Our large unit has over 320 square feet of storage for half the cost of the local competition. That’s over double the size of the average bedroom. If the kids have just moved, out throw their mattresses, video games, decorations, and furniture in there. As a bonus, all their stuff is easily accessible and ready to move!

Didn’t have kids and spent the $304,480 that a child would have cost you on fun stuff? A large storage unit is also a great place to store sporting equipment or recreational vehicles in the off-season so that it doesn’t clutter up your home or garage. Our 8’ by 40’ unit can roughly store ten large motorcycles, eight large ATV’s, a few jet skis on a trailer, or four UTV’s. That’s a lot of space.

Or, maybe, you have a wood or metalworking shop. It’s probably cluttered and littered with unfinished projects and materials unless you’re some sort of superhuman. Toss the old projects in the unit and only bring out one at a time! It’ll let you prioritize the ones that are important to you and de-clutter your workspace so that you can focus better.
If you’ve got a lot of gigantic family heirlooms that you’re storing for Uncle Jay to pick up and you’re sick of overpaying for a larger unit, our units will reduce your costs and increase your space. You’ll finally get that well-crafted four-poster bed that is quite ugly but has been in your family for generations out of your house.

How much you can expect to fit in our 8’ by 40’ Units

If you’re moving and need a short-term storage solution or are doing significant renovations, our large units are great for houses larger than 1500 square feet. One 320 square foot unit is plenty of space for homes up to 3000 square feet. You’ll have plenty of space to fit multiple couches, beds, entertainment centers, and yes, knickknacks. We give you the most amount of storage space per dollar in the Eugene area, so if you’re looking to store a lot, our extra space storage solutions are your best bet. If you’re looking to store a lot for very little, give our units a try.