No matter what size your storage unit is, it’s essential to make good use of your space. In this post, we go over some packing hacks to fit more items into your storage unit. Use these tips to create an effective plan that will maximize space and make your goods accessible.

Space-Saving Guidelines

Before going into more detail, let’s go over a few general principles. Place large items like refrigerators, washers, and couches against the far and sidewalls of the unit. Then, work your way forward. As you go, arrange the smaller items to maximize space.

Think about what things you will need to access frequently. Put those in last and keep them near the front.

Use Boxes for Small to Medium Size Items

Use boxes designed for storage. Your boxes should be reliable, sturdy, and stack easily. Make sure to balance the weight inside of them and keep them light enough to carry. It’s also a good idea to label them clearly, so unpacking will be a piece of cake.

It can be tempting to use plastic bags for storage. However, bags will trap humidity, and mildew can develop on your items. Stick with boxes when you can.

Get a Wardrobe Box for Clothes

It’s a great idea to invest in a wardrobe box for clothing items. Try to find one with a built-in hanging rod. Use it to keep your clothes free of wrinkles and moisture, and keep them looking pristine for when you want to use them.

Make Big Things Smaller

Take your larger items apart to save space. For furniture, dismantle into smaller pieces if you can. Put hardware into a plastic bag, label, and tape it to a visible spot on the furniture.

For appliances, make sure to clean them thoroughly before storing them. Tape down hoses and cords or remove them and tuck them inside the machine.

Packing Hacks for Furniture and Large Appliances

Make the best use of the height of your unit. Try to store sofas and large furnishings vertically. If you do store a sofa flat, you can still make good use of your space. Place a love seat upside down on the top of the sofa or stack some boxes on it.

If you have a group of chairs to store, stack the chairs up seat to seat.

How to Store Fragile Items

Once you place the bulkiest items in your unit, find spots for your fragile items. Stack boxes with fragile items inside large wardrobes or cabinetry. You can also put fragile boxes on top of appliances. While you work, make sure you stack your boxes from heaviest to lightest.

Make Best Use of Your Storage Space

Make your life easier by using packing hacks. Organize your items, clearly label them, and orient them to increase storage space. When you do this, you will be able to access your stored items more easily and you will protect them from damage.

Whether you are storing items from one room or from a whole home, we have a storage unit that is right for you. Contact Chambers Connector Storage today to get started!