If you need to store your personal belongings temporarily or long-term, you may be surprised to find that cargo shipping containers are a unique option for keeping your belongings safe. Made from stainless steel, shipping container storage units offer several benefits that make them an attractive option. Here are 7 reasons shipping container storage may be the right personal storage solution for you. 

1. Shipping Containers Can Be an Environmentally Friendly Option

Shipping container storage units are made from used cargo containers. Since they are recycled for storage, the cargo containers are kept out of landfills which helps with waste prevention.

Moreover, because the containers are repurposed, they do not require new construction. This means that they don’t use energy to produce again, thereby preventing new carbon emissions.  

2. Shipping Containers are Big

You can pack a lot of belongings in a sea cargo container. But you won’t have to waste time trying to decide which size is right for you. Unlike other storage facilities that may have more than a dozen sizes of storage units, cargo containers are available in two sizes: 8’x20’ or 8’x40’.  These large units can hold cars, entire households, and complete business inventories.

3. Cargo Containers for Storage May Be Less Expensive Than Other Storage Units

Shipping container storage units are outside, so the facility doesn’t have additional overhead including heating, cooling, and powering a large indoor facility. This often drives the monthly rental fee down, keeping your monthly storage bill affordable. Shipping container units may also be available month to month, rather than requiring a fixed rental term of several months. 

4. Cargo Containers are Extremely Secure

Made of welded steel, shipping container storage units only have one way to access the interior. There is no way that the contents can be accessed other than through the front opening, so there is no risk of theft, rodents, or insects entering the unit from above, behind, or from the side.  

5. Cargo Containers are Waterproof

Shipping containers are created to withstand ocean travel, so they are designed to be entirely waterproof. You will not have to worry about a leaking shingle roof allowing your items to be damaged.  

6. Sea Cargo Containers for Shipping Offer Drive Up Access

Shipping containers used for storage are all on the ground level and offer drive-up access. This prevents the need for stairs or navigating belongings on dollies in elevators.

7. Wide Entrance Makes Moving Belongings Easy

The wide entrance to each cargo container allows for ease of moving in larger items, without having to angle and pivot to squeeze belongings inside. The door opens very wide giving you plenty of room to navigate your belongings in and out easily. 

Learn More About Shipping Container Storage in Lane County

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