Clutter has been shown to negatively impact our home and work lives. Indeed, the more we learn about living with clutter, the more it becomes prudent to make positive changes. Clutter has been linked with depressive symptoms, stress reactions, anxiety, procrastination, inability to focus, decreased productivity, and other negative impacts on health and wellness. But if you’re already dealing with clutter at home or work, where should you begin? The following five simple decluttering tips are a great place to start.

Decluttering Tips Don’t Need to Be Complicated

Removing clutter from your home or office does not mean you need to hire an expert whose decluttering tips have made them millionaires. Likewise, clutter removal doesn’t mandate renovating or remodeling your home, office, or closet. Instead, stick to simple, tried-and-true decluttering tips to help you transform a chaotic, unorganized home or office into a streamlined space.

1. Prioritize Areas in Most Need
If cleaning and organizing your home or office feels overwhelming, take it step-by-step. To that end, prioritize the rooms in your home or areas in your office that most need to be tidied and streamlined. Breaking the decluttering process down into stages makes the process much more manageable.

2. Start Sorting
As you begin working on a specific room or area in your home, begin sorting items into piles. You’ll want a pile of items you need to keep, items you don’t need to keep, and items you want to keep but need to find space to put them. Plan to have plenty of boxes or trash bags to make the process tidier.

3. Identify Items for Gifting, Selling, or Donating
You may wish to go through the items you don’t need to keep deciding if they have value. Clothing, furniture, dishware, bedding, or décor items may be welcomed at a charitable organization. You may wish to list some of your electronics, appliances, or other in-demand items for sale online. Or you may wish to offer loved ones items you no longer use. 

4. Make a Note of Items You Want to Keep but Not in the Current Location
As you are working on decluttering your home or office, it’s likely that you will find items that you do not want in their current location, but you don’t want to discard. For these items, you may want to rent a secure, affordable storage unit to maintain your items without letting them clutter up your space. Alternatively, you may have room in the basement, garage, attic, shed, or other closet to store the items. 

5. Make Use of Inexpensive Storage Products
Baskets, buckets, trays, storage boxes, and other inexpensive products can help transform messy desks, closets, kitchens, children’s rooms, and home offices into organized spaces conducive to work, cooking, playing, etc. Discount stores often carry products that can be used for sorting, filing, and organizing without costing a fortune. 

There is no shortage of additional decluttering tips you may find helpful or encouraging. However, adhering to all the decluttering tips people offer may also make the process feel overwhelming. Sometimes, keeping things simpler leads to better results.  

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