With the holidays upon us, the need for extra space in your home may be in high demand. Or you may have resolved to finally get your garage organized for 2021. Either way, take comfort in knowing that creating more space doesn’t have to be an overwhelming project. When you take it step by step, getting organized to free up space can be a breeze. Here are 7 organization tips to help you create more space.

Organize One Area at a Time

To get started, focus on one area. You may choose to start with a hall or a bedroom closet to free up the space that you will need to store items from other areas. If you’re organizing your garage or shed, pick one corner and begin there. By focusing on one area, your efforts to organize to create extra space won’t feel overwhelming.

Discard, Donate, or Sell Items for Extra Space

Items you no longer use, wear, or cherish have no business taking up space in your home or garage. So, as you work through each area that you’re decluttering, sort items by deciding which things you’ll donate, which things you may sell online or in a garage sale, and which things you’ll throw away. Discarding, donating, and selling items can help free up a great deal of extra space.

Inventory Your Items

Once you’ve sorted your items from a particular area, conduct a quick inventory to confirm that everything you’re keeping belongs in the area you’re working on. Should winter coats stay in your bedroom closet or be moved to the hallway closet for the season? Does your vacuum cleaner belong in the corner of the kitchen, or could it be moved to the basement? Inventorying your items, and then moving some to a different location, can create more space.

Maximize Vertical Storage Space

Small spaces can be made to feel larger by utilizing vertical space. In your kitchen, for example, put the seasonings, or small appliances you rarely use in less accessible areas, like top shelves. In your closet, stack keepsakes, or mementos on shelves near the top, to free up the remaining area for clothing, accessories, or shoes that you need to reach more frequently.

Utilize Storage Containers

For odds and ends, or to separate items such as children’s clothes and toys, purchase see-through storage containers. Transparent containers allow you to view the contents, even as the items are neatly put away. If you really want to get organized, consider color-coding your storage containers. This is particularly helpful if you have children, and you want to keep their clothing or toys separated.

Extra Space with Simple Shelves

Shelves can be invaluable when it comes to creating more space everywhere. Simple shelves added to closets, cupboards, offices, dens, and bathrooms can double your storage space. Likewise, in a shed or garage, adding shelves can help to tidy messes, all while making more room for large items such as lawnmowers, cars, and bikes.

Rent a Cheap Storage Unit for Extra Space

One of the best ways to create extra space in your home is by renting an inexpensive, easily accessible storage unit. Storage units allow you to keep items safe, without taking up much-needed space in your home.

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