Is your successful business quickly growing out of your office space? Are the ever-increasing boxes of paperwork, office supplies, and inventory making it hard to do your job? Here’s how business storage can lead to an organized, usable work environment.

Business Storage Basics

What is business storage? If you’ve ever rented a self-storage unit to house your camping gear, you already know the basics of commercial storage. Essentially, business storage takes place at an off-site facility that provides a secure area to house those things that you don’t need to keep in your office.

Much like with a personal storage unit, businesses have multiple options for storage. The appropriate type of storage for your company depends on factors such as a need for climate control and superior security features. Examples of possible storage options include

  • A conventional self-storage unit
  • A drive-up storage building
  • Climate-controlled facility
  • Ultra-secure storage

Take the time to consider what kind of business storage fits your needs carefully. Fragile materials, for example, deserve the safe-keeping provided by climate-controlled storage. The consistent temperature and moisture levels within a climate-controlled facility ensure that delicate items like corporate paperwork will stay unharmed while in storage.

Decluttering Makes Business Sense

The fundamental reason to think about renting off-site storage space is to declutter your office area. It’s challenging to work in an office that overflows with files and miscellaneous inventory. You’ll almost certainly improve office productivity when you move things off-site.

A second reason to use business storage is to impress your clients. It is always in your best interest to present a clean, well-organized business space if there is even a tiny chance that a client might stop by your workplace.

Another perk of off-site storage is that it allows you to stay in your current office space. Commercial real estate in Eugene is pricey, and you don’t want clutter to force you to search for new digs.

Do you need a safe place to put your extra business supplies? Whether you rent commercial space or operate your business from your home, there are times when secure storage comes in handy. Professional storage companies are the answer to secure storage needs for businesses of all sizes.

Consider Secure Storage

Every type of professional storage facility offers some level of security. There might be occasions when you don’t require much more than a padlocked storage shed. However, there is a decent chance that your storage needs will demand a more extensive array of security features.

Fortunately, first-rate storage companies provide a terrific menu of ways to protect your belongings. Look for facilities that offer such standard security features as exterior lighting, unit alarms, gated entry, and surveillance cameras. Other security steps that you might consider are an in-residence facility manager and security patrols.

Of course, outstanding security features aren’t enough, by themselves, to protect your property from all harm. Even the best storage units can become victims of theft and fire. Make sure that you work with your insurance broker to safeguard your off-site business belongings.

Successful Business Storage

Have you ever tried to locate something that you know is hidden somewhere in your attic or basement? If so, you know how much time you waste looking for things when your storage area is haphazardly arranged. It’s true; simply renting a storage unit won’t successfully clean up your office space if you don’t implement an effective storage system.

Here are some user-friendly business storage ideas.

Determine Your Needs

Determine what kind of storage space you need to rent. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from the management of a commercial storage facility.

Invest in Appropriate Containers

Investing in the right kind of containers is key to storage happiness. Clear container bins, for example, make locating inventory a simple task. Ensure that, no matter what type of container you choose, the boxes are durable and easily stackable.

Know Your Inventory Numbers

Make sure that you know the exact inventory numbers before you place them into storage. Savvy business owners keep their most popular inventory within easy reach at their off-site storage unit.

Happily, you can use an inventory management system to improve your minute-to-minute understanding of your business. Read this article by Agatha Aviso of Fit Small Business for help in choosing an inventory management system that supports your off-site storage needs.

Stay in the Neighborhood

You won’t want to drive for miles through heavy traffic to retrieve something from storage. Selecting a top-notch facility near your company will make your working life much easier.

Don’t Skimp on Labels and Lists

Come up with a labeling and container content list that works for your business. Your goal should be to have an organizational system that allows you to walk into your storage unit and immediately locate an item. It’s also helpful to take a photo that shows a container’s location within the storage unit.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, opting for high-quality business storage is an intelligent way to organize your workspace. A cleaner, more organized office can lead to the peaceful work environment necessary to get the most success possible out of 2021.

Chambers Connector Storage provides affordable, stress-free storage options for businesses throughout Eugene, OR. Talk to us for help with your storage issues.