When you’re preparing to store your items in personal storage, it helps to have all of the moving supplies you’ll need on hand.  Here’s a checklist of moving supplies you’ll need when packing your belongings for storage.

8 Moving Supplies That Make Moving Much Easier

Instead of packing some items, only to find that you don’t have the proper moving supplies to pack all your belongings, it’s smart to purchase supplies ahead of time. Here are the moving supplies that should be on your shopping list. 

1. Boxes or Containers
Cardboard boxes remain the most used moving supplies, however, many people prefer to use clear plastic boxes. The boxes offer better protection from the weather, in case it is raining or snowing on your move day. Plastic boxes also close securely without the need for tape. Depending on the type of plastic box you purchase, you may even be able to see inside the box, for fast location of belongings when you need them. They are also often designed for stacking. 

2. Newspaper, Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper
Delicate items need to be protected from jostling during transport, and while carrying them in and out of your storage unit.  You can find bubble wrap and packing paper at any store or website that sells moving supplies.  

3. Scissors
Even if you’re using plastic storage boxes instead of cardboard, at some point while packing you’ll need a pair of scissors. For example, you may need scissors for cutting packing tape, bubble wrap, or cloth that you’re using to wrap your belongings. 

4. Trash Bags
Decluttering your home as you pack your belongings is natural. So you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of heavy-duty trash bags to throw away items you no longer need.  The bags can also be used for items that you plan to donate.  

5. Marker or Sharpie
A marker, such as a Sharpie, is a must-have when packing your items for storage. Because your home or office will likely become disorganized during the packing process, it’s best to have a couple of markers on hand.

6. Notepad or Notebook
It will be very helpful to have a notebook or notepad where you keep short notes about items you’ve packed together. Likewise, when you begin putting your storage boxes in your storage unit, it’s useful to quickly sketch where each item is placed in the unit.

7. Labels or Color Coded Dots
Colored labels or colored dots can make organizing a breeze by categorizing the contents in each storage box. Red may be your home office, blue may be used for the kitchen, etc. Color-coding your boxes can keep you organized as you move, and as you eventually unpack.  

8. Furniture Covers
Don’t forget to include furniture covers on your moving supply shopping list.  You may need things like shrink wrap for upholstered, metal, or wooden furniture. You’ll need a mattress bag, and you may need moving blankets to protect other belongings. 

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