Committing to a home renovation project can be a pull-your-hair-out experience. One of the surest ways to reduce your stress level is to minimize clutter during the remodel. Here’s how renting a self-storage unit can help your home renovation effort.

Why Declutter

Did your contractor suggest that you clear out the rooms involved in your renovation? If so, you should applaud your judgment because you hired a detail-oriented contractor. Removing your possessions before the sledgehammer phase of your project begins is a smart move.

Two of the significant benefits that you’ll reap by giving your contractor space in which to work are

  • Protecting your belongings from harm
  • Giving tradespeople easier access to the workspace

Indeed, your remodel might even finish more quickly if the tradespeople have an easier time completing their job. Imagine, for a moment, how much faster your old kitchen cabinets will come down if the demolition team doesn’t have to work around your antique china hutch. You know it’s true; now you have to store your stuff.

4 Ways to Declutter

Now that you know why decluttering is an essential part of a renovation project, let’s look at how you can get it done. Of course, there isn’t one perfect storage method for every project. The key to storage happiness is finding the situation that works for your budget and needs.

It’s helpful to think about how long you’ll need to store your belongings. For example, your garage might serve as an appropriate storage area for a quick weekend bedroom paint project. On the other hand, you might hesitate to give up the use of your garage for a project that will take the entire winter to complete.

If your project is more extensive than a quick weekend DIY project, you have several often-used storage options. Four of the most common temporary storage options for Eugene homeowners include:

  • Basement and Garage
  • Family and Friends’ Houses
  • Self-Storage Unit
  • Portable Rental (e.g., Pods)

Self-Storage Perks

Of the above options, a top-notch self-storage facility offers the protection and affordability you need during a stressful renovation. What’s more, when you choose a neighborhood storage facility, you’ll be able to access your unit when needed.

Climate control and serious security are two more essential perks you can receive when you rent a self-storage unit. The ability to control the temperature and humidity levels within the storage facility will protect even the most fragile of your possessions. The advanced security measures in place at many storage facilities help to protect against theft and property damage.

Self-Storage Tips

Renting a self-storage unit will undoubtedly ease your renovation worries. You’ll likely be relieved at how budget-friendly and stress-free it is to use a storage unit. Follow these tips for an even more comfortable rental experience.

Rent the Right Size

Determining how much space you’ll need will save you money since you won’t end up with a larger unit than you’ll need.

Cover Storage Unit Floor with Plastic

Place a plastic cover on the floor of the unit before you store anything in it. The plastic barrier gives you some extra protection against moisture. The additional protection is beneficial if you don’t opt for a climate-controlled unit.

Use Storage Bins and Boxes

The surest way to keep your belongings in top shape is to store them in bins and boxes made for the job. Not only will the right packing supplies make storing easier, but they’ll also help to keep your self-storage unit organized.

Label and Photograph Each Box

Label and number each box with the contents. Take a photograph of each labeled box so that you can easily retrieve something when you need it.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the belongings in a self-storage unit. Contact your insurance agent to ensure that you have coverage in case of theft or other types of property loss. Additionally, some self-storage facilities offer insurance coverage.

Don’t forget to ask the manager of your self-storage facility for advice. Renovating your home is sometimes a stressful situation, but storing your stuff should be easy.

Last Thoughts

Using self-storage during your renovation is a sure way to improve the entire home improvement experience. Your contractor will appreciate working in a clean space, and you’ll keep your belongings safe.

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