If you are remodeling your home and need extra space to temporarily store your household items, or if your business is experiencing growing pains and you need some space to use while you work out a long-term solution, consider the following short term storage ideas. The types of items you are storing and how long you may need to store them will determine which short term storage option is best for you.

Storage Units

Renting a storage unit is an affordable alternative to consider, especially if you live near a storage facility. There may be a few to choose from in your area so you will need to do some research. Be sure to ask about accessibility, security features, pest control, and the availability of climate-controlled and indoor/outdoor units. A storage unit would be ideal for storing larger items such as snow blowers during the off-season that you don’t need access to on a regular basis.

Portable Storage Containers

For items you know you will need to have access to at any time, day or night, portable storage containers may be a good bet for your short term storage needs. Portable storage companies such as PODS or U-Box by U-Haul will deliver a container for you to keep at your home to use as you please. They can also pick up the unit at one of their local storage centers. Or, deliver it to wherever you need it to go. If you keep it at your home, you can take your time loading it up and have access to it anytime. If you have it delivered to a storage center, it will be safe and secure. But it may not be as easily accessible. Compare storage units versus portable storage containers if you’re unsure which option is best.

Utilizing Your Current Space

For storing smaller items for a shorter time, consider using available spaces. Such as the tops of cabinets to store items in decorative bins or baskets that complement the room. Long shallow clear bins with or without casters can be used to store items under your bed. You can use risers to raise your bed frame a couple of inches if necessary. You can also declutter and reorganize your attic or garage, and you might find you have underutilized space.

The first step when considering using any current space for temporary storage is to declutter to make room. If you are not already decluttering your house on a regular basis, this is a great time to start! When using current space for temporary storage, it is critical to keep everything in order so it is easy to get to it when you need it.

Storing Items with Friends and Family

If your short term storage need doesn’t involve too much and will not be for a long period of time, consider asking friends and family if you can store your stuff with them. Perhaps you are converting a room to a more functional sewing/craft room and need temporary storage for a handful of boxes until the work is complete. Storing a few boxes in the corner of your friend’s guest bedroom may not be much of an inconvenience. However, think twice about asking friends and family to store oversized, awkward items such as bed frames or mattresses.

Short Term Storage with Chambers Connector Storage

If renting a storage unit is the best option for your temporary storage needs, Chambers Connector Storage can help you get started. Now with two locations, they use sea cargo containers to securely store your items. Chambers offers easily accessible and affordable storage units with the best security available. Contact Chamber Connector Storage with any questions or to learn more about sizes and prices.