A storage unit can be a good solution for temporary storage, but it can get expensive over the long term. If you have hit that moment when you realize you have way too much stuff, it’s time to declutter and get organized to find out how much additional storage space you really need. Check out these storage unit alternatives for ideas!

First Step: Declutter!

Grab some bins and prepare to purge. Label one bin for items to donate gently used items; another for items that are worn out, broken beyond repair, and just need to be tossed; and one for items that you want to hold onto but don’t have dedicated storage space for. After completing this process and realizing that you still need a storage solution, consider these self-storage ideas before rushing out and renting a storage unit.

Organize Your Current Space

Creative storage solutions can be found for most spaces. The most important thing is to keep everything in order, so it is easy to find and retrieve the stuff when you want.

Buy a Storage Chest

Hit the flea markets and look for vintage chests and trunks to place at the foot of beds for storing extra linens and pillows or use them as end tables. Consider storage ottomans and freestanding cabinets to store decorative pillows, blankets, games or magazines.

Store Items in Bins

Use available spaces such as the tops of cabinets to store items in bins or baskets that complement the room. Large, shallow clear bins (with or without rollers) can be used to store out-of-season clothes and shoes or additional blankets and linens under your bed. Add risers to raise your bed frame a couple of inches if necessary.

Purchase a Bookcase

Consider purchasing a large modular bookcase and using decorative bins to store remote controls, keys, pet supplies, or other small items.

Install Shelving Units

Shelving units are a wonderful space saver and storage solution for any room in the house or the garage. Consider a DIY project or shelving kits depending upon your skill level.

Use Hooks or Brackets

Need a better spot for your bike in your small home or apartment? Hang it from the ceiling with hooks, store it on your porch, or hang it like a piece of 3D art on your wall with hooks or brackets. If you are hanging it vertically, it is recommended you hang it by the back wheel. The rear part of the frame on most bicycles is a fixed piece. So, doing this will relieve pressure on bearings or fork seals.

Build or Buy a Shed

If you own your home and have space on your property, consider building or buying a shed to store items away to reduce clutter in your home. Choose between a DIY project (you can find lots of YouTube videos on this topic!) or a ready-made shed available for purchase. These come in a variety of sizes, material types, and styles to fit your needs. To maximize the space in your shed, make sure you have the option to add shelves.

Build an Attic

If you are planning on staying in your current home for a while, consider adding an attic. It might cost more upfront. But, it could end up being a sound investment that results in an increased home value. Storage is something potential homebuyers take into consideration when evaluating a home for purchase.

Invest in a Storage Unit

If these alternatives just won’t work for the items you need to store, then a storage unit may be the best option to fulfill your needs. Chambers Connection Storage offers accessible and affordable storage units with the best security available. Contact us with any questions or to learn more about sizes and prices.