People rent personal storage for a variety of reasons. Some people use affordable storage units to declutter their homes. Others find a storage unit helpful for storing seasonal items such as sporting equipment, lawn and garden tools and furniture, and holiday décor, when not in use. Many others rent a short-term storage unit while moving, or to store items during extended travel. Whatever your reason for storing your belongings, one thing is certain. Making a packing list will prove invaluable when it comes packing, and eventually unpacking your belongings. Here are 5 reasons you should create a packing list when putting your items in storage.

1. A Packing List Ensures You Don’t Forget to Store Certain Items

One of the most useful benefits of creating a packing list is that it will prevent you from forgetting to store certain items. Instead of having to make multiple trips to your storage unit, your list will guide you through packing, so that you don’t forget about items that you want or need to move from your house.

2. Creating a List Will Illuminate Storage Supplies You Need

When you write out your packing list, you’ll see items which items need to be protected, and decide how you’ll protect them. For example, if you’re storing delicate or fragile items, you’ll see that you need sheets, blankets, paper, or bubble wrap. You may also determine that you need to purchase plastic storage containers rather than relying on cardboard boxes. If you’re storing beds, you may wish to invest in mattress protectors. By looking at your list, you’ll be able to see what storage supplies you’ll need before moving your belongings.

3. Helps You Identify Items to Sell, Donate, or Throw Away

One of the most helpful benefits of creating a packing list is that while you’re creating your list, you will likely discover items that you no longer want or need. You can then plan to discard, sell, or donate belongings further decluttering your home, or preventing the transfer of unwanted items to your new home. 

4. A List of Items to Store Helps You Plan Your Storage Layout

When you create a packing list, you can begin to plan how your items will be stored, so that you maximize the space offered in your storage unit. Moreover, you can plan to place the items you won’t need to access very often in the back of your unit, or beneath other items you need to access more frequently. If you’re storing belongings while transitioning to a new home, you may plan to put all the furniture and necessities at the front of your storage unit so that they are the first things to go into your new home. 

5. A List Allows You to Organize Your Belongings Before Packing Them

Creating a list before packing helps you to pack in an organized manner. Instead of waiting until the last minute and packing kitchen items with bathroom items, you can organize each box. This will help when you need kitchen items but don’t need garage tools. Organizing each box, and then labeling the box clearly can save you countless hours of rummaging through boxes when you need to retrieve an item.  

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