Did you know that affordable self-storage is an easy way to improve your life? It’s true; many people find that storing their belongings in a secure self-storage facility clears their life of clutter and worry. Here are three terrific reasons to turn to a self-storage unit for stress relief.

No.1- Increase Your Living Space

Eugene is an excellent place to live. However, the natural beauty and culture that make Lane County so extraordinary results in expensive housing. As a result, there’s a strong chance that you sometimes wish your home had a few more square feet.

Luckily, you don’t need to buy a new home to gain more living space. The key to living large in your current home is to find more living space. The secret to more room lies in decluttering.

There are a few surefire ways to pare down your possessions. Consider donating your unwanted stuff to one of the fantastic non-profits in our area. Garage sales are another time-tested way to rehome your no longer needed items.

Sometimes, though, you’ll want to find a temporary home for things that you want to keep for future use. Affordable self-storage units are the ideal solution for reducing clutter and safeguarding items you don’t presently need.

No.2- Retrieve Your Belongings When You Need Them

On-demand access is one of the great reasons to store your stuff in a professional storage facility. You can simply drive to your affordable self-storage unit to pick something up whenever you desire. Storage facilities are open all day, every day, so your belongings are always within reach.

You can make retrieving something stress-free when you use an intelligent storage strategy. Experts recommend that you pack and store the right way to ensure your stuff stays safe and readily accessible. A surefire storage strategy includes:

  • Using the right storage boxes and supplies
  • Labelling each box with the contents
  • Photographing each label along with the box location within the unit
  • Not overfilling your unit

Choosing the ideal type of storage locker is another essential aspect of keeping your stored belongings in excellent shape. You can rely on a no-fuss storage unit to safeguard most of your items. There are, however, things that require temperature and humidity controls to stay in fantastic shape.

Examples of items that deserve special care include things like irreplaceable papers, clothing, and furniture. Essentially, materials that variations in temperature and moisture levels could damage should go into a climate-controlled storage unit. The small added expense is well-worth how much better you’ll sleep at night knowing that you’ve treated your precious belongings to the right kind of care.

No.3- Affordable Self-Storage Is Safe

You don’t have to stress over your belongings’ safety when you store them in a secure storage unit. First-class self-storage facilities do everything possible to ensure that your items stay safe and untouched within the storage unit.

Storage companies that fail in the area of security won’t stay in business. To succeed, storage facility managers use a variety of security measures to prevent damage and theft.

Here are some of the reasons that self-storage lockers are a safe choice.

  • Gated and keycode access
  • Extensive lighting
  • Individual locker locks and alarms

Some facilities also offer advanced security features to safeguard high-value items. Examples of sophisticated storage security measures include a residential manager, security patrols, and camera coverage.

Along with the security measures offered at a self-storage facility, obtaining insurance for your valuables will add to your peace of mind. Homeowner’s and renter’s insurance often protects you against loss from such disasters as theft and fire. Make it a point to ask your insurance agent about applicable coverage before you store your items.

Remember that most insurers put a limit on the reimbursement amount for your off-site property. You can purchase more coverage from your insurer to protect against damage and loss for your stored property. Additionally, many self-storage companies provide optional storage unit insurance.

Improve Your Life

Finally, living an uncluttered life can help you to love where you live. Take advantage of the benefits that an affordable self-storage unit can bring to your life. Self-storage is a terrific way to destress by safely decluttering your lifestyle.

Chambers Connector Storage works hard to provide affordable self-storage options for our clients in Eugene, OR. Contact us for complete information.