Do you need to move during the pandemic? While relocating during such uncertain times is a challenge, there are ways to make it easier. Here are some moving hacks that will make moving to your new home a calmer experience.

6 Moving Hacks

Don’t believe people who tell you that moving to a new house is a stress-free experience. Indeed, there is an enormous number of details to take care of when moving into a new home. Still, our moving hacks can go a long way toward keeping your family happy while you relocate.

Organizing your move as soon as possible helps everyone in your family to stay calm. A significant reason that planning is so helpful is that it gives you time to:

  • Locate affordable moving supplies
  • Sort through and minimize your belongings
  • Secure your must-have documents
  • Interview multiple moving companies
  • Visit storage facilities

Planning the details of a move is a terrific way to ensure a successful move. Our relocation tips work to help you organize so that every item arrives undamaged to your new living space.

Below are six moving hacks that are sure to ease the stress associated with relocation.

No.1- Minimize Your Belongings

The first thing that we recommend you do when preparing for a move is to declutter your current house. Your goal is to dramatically reduce the amount of stuff that you’ll need to pack and move. We know that parting with things that you’ve owned for years isn’t simple, but the reward in an easier move is worth the discomfort.

According to, you can lighten the decluttering stress by taking it in steps. Begin by categorizing your belongings. Go through each category to decide if you’ll keep, throw away, or donate each item. Only keep those items that you enjoy and regularly use.

No.2- Purchase the Proper Moving Supplies

Buying specially made moving supplies will make packing much less stressful. Along with reducing potential moving stress, your belongings are more likely to arrive undamaged if packed in appropriate containers.

Don’t forget to tap into your social network for used boxes. There’s a terrific chance that someone you know has recently moved and has perfectly usable moving supplies. Search local social media sites, like neighborhood Facebook groups, for available packages.

Homelight has additional ideas for ways you can locate free and inexpensive moving boxes here.

No.3- Label, and Inventory Each Box

Who wants to struggle to find bedding and cooking supplies on your first night in a new home? You can avoid a harried first night by carefully labeling and inventorying each box. Repeat movers suggest that you write on the box where its contents will go into your new house.

Along with noting the destination on each box, you’ll want to create an inventory. Read here for some vital bits of information that you’ll want to include in a moving list.

No.4- Separate Vital Documents

Essential documents, such as birth certificates and insurance paperwork, should be kept separate from your regular files. Make sure that the passwords to your online accounts stay with the rest of your invaluable documents. If necessary, buy a fireproof and lockable container to hold those documents that you can’t afford to misplace.

No.5- Keep Clothing Ready to Wear

You won’t need to search for closet hangers if you keep your clothing on them throughout the transport. Fortunately, wardrobe boxes allow you to use your regular hangers to hold clothing. Matching a hanger to an article of clothing also makes it super easy to hang up your clothes in your new closets.

No.6- Opt for Temporary Storage

There are times during the moving process when temporarily storing items off-site can be a life-saver. Keep in mind that your belongings still deserve a high-quality storage facility even though it’s temporary. Research your storage options to find one that fits your needs at a price that won’t blow your moving budget.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, anyone who has experience moving can tell you that thorough planning is key to a successful move. Use our six moving hacks to make your next relocation experience as satisfying and low stress as possible.

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