Do you know the best way to pack clothes for moving and storage? While there might not be one way that works for everyone, we’ve seen enough successful storage experiences to know what works. Read on for advice that will help to ensure that your favorite outfits survive spending time in storage.

The best way to pack clothes when you need to move requires a bit of planning:

  • Sort through your closet and donate everything you no longer wear to one of Eugene’s non-profit thrift shops.
  • Borrow or buy a wardrobe box and a nice assortment of quality packing boxes.
  • Wash, dry, and fold your clothes in a way that will make your mother proud before you place them into boxes for the move.

Now that we’ve covered packing for a move, it’s time to look at packing for storage. Read on for four things to know about preparing clothing and other fragile items for self-storage.

No.1- Don’t Pack Dirty Clothes.

Before you even think about proper packing techniques, you must wash your clothes. Dirty, stinky garments tend to attract things like bugs. You can imagine the damage that voraciously hungry pests can do to stored shirts and suits.

Have you ever forgotten to take your damp sweats out of your gym bag? If so, you surely know what happens to damp fabrics that remain untended and hidden from airflow. You can avoid a clothing disaster by making sure to dry your clothes before packing them for storage thoroughly.

No.2- Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

Even the most durable fabrics do best when stored far away from humidity and heat. Fortunately, it’s possible to find a self-storage unit that minimizes moisture and high temperatures. Climate-controlled storage units are an affordable way to protect fragile items.

Your clothes won’t be lonely in climate-controlled storage as many other things will benefit from this type of self-storage. Examples of non-clothing items that you might want to place into a temperature-controlled unit include

  • Papers
  • Antiques
  • Art

In general, you should anticipate paying between twenty and fifty percent more than a traditional storage unit for a climate-controlled option. Even so, the added charge is nothing compared to the cost of replacing your fragile belongings if the elements damage them.

No.3- The Best Way to Pack Clothes in Containers

Choosing the correct packing containers is essential. Indeed, knowing the best way to pack clothes in a storage box is one of the most critical aspects of intelligent storage. Since clothing needs extra care in storage, you should choose a sturdy container such as a plastic tub.

The lid on the plastic container should be snug but not air-tight. Fabrics do best when air moves around them, so you must ensure adequate airflow.

Don’t forget to inventory the contents of each box carefully. The last thing you’ll want to do is open every storage container searching for your favorite handmade sweater.

No.4- Non-Toxic Extra Protection

Of course, you’ll want to do everything possible to encourage bugs and other pests to avoid your stored clothing. However, do the environment a favor and leave mothballs on the shelf. There are healthier ways to keep unwanted pests from chowing down on your favorite outfits.

Did your grandmother swear by the power of cedar in her closets? The good news is that cedar isn’t only effective in the closet. It also works as a potent pest deterrent in your self-storage unit. Cedar blocks and chips are commonly used and quite effective protectors for your favorite outfits.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t enjoy the scent of cedar. Many herbs can do the job. Some terrific options include rosemary, thyme, lavender, and cloves. Make sure to use dried herbs only when you use this method to keep your storage bins free from moths and other pests. Ensley Caldwell shares how to make an herbal anti-pest bag here.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, there is room for some creativity in packing and storing clothes. However, by thinking about the best way to pack clothes for storage, you’ll give your favorite outfits a strong chance of making it through storage unscathed.

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