Do you need more space on your boat? As the weather gets sunnier, it’s almost boating season, and the next best thing to being on the water is being prepared to get on the water. With limited space to keep all your items accessible and safely stowed, finding clever ways to organize your tools, dishware, and clothing is essential. Here’s a list of boat storage ideas to maximize the space you have on your boat and to make the most of this summer’s adventures.

Switch to Silicone

Silicone dishes and tools are a great option to maximize the space on your boat. You can pick up buckets, plates, bowls, cups, and more that easily collapse when not in use. Then, when it’s time to eat, simply snap them into shape, and you’re ready to go. Silicone is also a great option because it’s easy to clean and durable.

Use Velcro and Suction Cups

Some of the best boat storage ideas start with making better use of your walls and ceilings. Use suction cups and Velcro to make the most of these barren areas. Stick some suction cups with hooks on your walls to attach jackets, wet towels, and nets. For more uneven surfaces, Velcro tabs are a great option. Did you know some Velcro can hold up to ten pounds? Velcro also comes color-coated and in many sizes. Use it to hang up tools and life jackets.

Get Creative with Mesh Pockets

Buy mesh pockets pre-made or in bulk and attach them wherever you see fit. Some good locations are on seatbacks, rails, in the cockpit or attached to the hull. These are great for smaller items such as sunglasses, cell phones, your wallet, and keys.

File Your Dishes

You probably haven’t filed your dishes before. Well, now is the time. Repurpose plastic magazine organizers as nifty dish racks. Secure them to a shelf and then stack plates and shallow dishes in them. What makes these organizers extra useful is that they provide good ventilation, and you can easily wash them. You can also store tools, books, and kitchen supplies in the organizers.

Use Fabric Shelves

Hang up a set of fabric shelves from a couple of hooks to place shoes, hats, gloves, and dry towels in. When not in use, these shelves can be folded up or sit flush against their surface. If they get dirty, you can easily wash them.

Create Space with Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are the Swiss army knife of boat storage ideas. Criss-cross bungee cords to headlines, your central console, or bulkhead to open up storage space for all kinds of objects. A good place to start is with larger, flat dishware such as a cutting board. 

Organize a Mini-Kitchen

You’ve made a great catch and want to fry up some fish while out on the water. Make sure you have your spices organized and ready to use. By using a pill organizer or bead dispenser, you can store your favorite spices without taking up unneeded space. And, what goes better with fresh fish than a nice bottle of wine? You can create a plywood wine cellar beneath the cockpit for quick access and secure storage.

Less Is More, so Make the Most of It

No matter what size your boat is, you’ll find times when you’re pressed for space. If you want to improve your space, start by picking out the essentials. Ask yourself what you need for day-to-day use and what items you can’t set sail without. By sketching out a list of what you absolutely need and making “homes” for those items on board, the rest will fall into place.

Boat Storage Ideas and Solutions with Chambers Connector Storage

Making storage space on your boat is hard enough. Now, what about finding storage space for your boat? At Chambers Connector Storage, we have large, secure units to store your boat whenever it’s not on the water. To get started or learn more about our facility, give us a call or send us a message online.