Some good shelving can make all the difference in organizing your space. Make your own cheap storage shelves for your garage or your storage unit to keep your area tidy. Then, organize the boxes and containers on your shelves well with these handy tips.

What Kind of Shelves Do You Need?

The first step to making some cheap storage shelves is deciding on what dimensions you want your shelves to be. To decide this, consider what you want to store on your shelves. Think about the space that these items take up to determine the height and depth you want on your shelves. 

Regardless of the specific shelf height and depth you settle on, it’s helpful to use plywood for the horizontal part of the shelves and 2″x4″ of 1″x4″ lumber for the supports. The heavier the items you plan to store, the thicker the plywood you’ll want to get. Once you’ve calculated the dimensions you want your shelves to be, it’s time to gather and cut your lumber.

Head to the Hardware Store

Buckle up. It’s time for a trip to the hardware store. Select the amount of lumber you need based on the calculations you did. If possible, see if the hardware store can cut your lumber to the dimensions you need.

Assemble Your Shelving

Once your lumber is cut to its specs, get started assembling the shelves. Alternate your supports and plywood as you build, and make sure to use precise measurements when screwing in your beams. You’ll want each shelf to be aligned with the next so that when they are all assembled, they are sturdy and stable.

Add Items to Your Shelving

Before you start filling your shelves with items, it’s worth going through your stuff and deciding on what you want to keep and donate or toss away. After going through everything, group your items. You can go about this in many different ways. You might want to group items that are similarly sized together and then add them to a stackable tote. Or, you could group items that have a similar use together. It’s also worth thinking about what items you use most frequently and then grouping those together. 

It’s also wise to put heavier items on lower shelves, items you access most frequently at mid-level, and items you access least the highest up. Consider getting a step ladder and keeping it nearby. Keeping a mobile light nearby will help you see clearly.

Invest in Quality Containers

If you’ve been keeping your items in cardboard boxes or loose bags, it’s definitely worth purchasing sturdy, stackable containers. These could be clear totes with snap-on lids or even crates. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s easy to pick up and can be stacked. This gives you the option to rearrange your containers freely down the road.

Cheap Storage Shelves and More Handy Solutions

Cheap storage shelves are just the start of maximizing the space you have. Whether you place your items in your garage or in a storage unit, we want to be your resource for affordable storage solutions. To learn more about how to store your items effectively and safely, visit our blog or contact us today.