A drive up storage unit is a storage space that allows you to pull your car in or next to the unit, to easily load and unload your belongings. Whether you are moving, clearing your basement, or need extra space to store business equipment, drive up storage is the best option to keep your valuables safe. This storage unit can also be used as storage for vehicles, motorcycles, toys, cars, and boats, depending on the unit’s size.

How does drive up storage work?

Most storage units with drive up access are located outside and on the ground level, meaning no stairs or elevators. Despite being an easy and fast storage option, items in these storage units are affected by extreme weather conditions and elements such as dust. For this reason, some people may prefer indoor storage facilities that are climate controlled and offer long-time storage. However, if you need to store bulk or large items and value convenience, choose a storage unit with drive up access.

Benefits of drive up storage units

There are many benefits to drive up storage units, including their convenience, accessibility, and affordability.


Moving heavy items such as furniture in and out of the storage unit can be stressful. Especially if you have to navigate through a hallway of an indoor unit. Outdoor storage units make it easier to load and unload items straight from your vehicle into the unit. This, in turn, prevents damage to the items. And, prevents injury to yourself when moving the items in and out of the vehicle.

Available in different sizes

Drive up storage units are available in various sizes, suitable for storing more oversized items and equipment. Depending on how small or big the item is, you can always find a storage unit that accommodates the item’s size. Most indoor storage units are relatively smaller than outdoor storage units due to the complexity of their design.


For indoor units, you will need to use a cart every time you take an item in and out of the storage unit. Outdoor storage units make it easy to access stored items. You can pick up an item, carry it the short distance into your vehicle, and off you go!


Since they aren’t temperature controlled, the units you can drive up to are cheaper to rent than indoor units. With the ground-level design, no exterior walls or doors for entrances, setting up drive up storage units is less critical for the renter. Despite being less expensive, some storage facilities offer multiple options for protection, including security cameras, temperature control, and lock customizations.

Universal storage

With various sizes, these storage units are suitable for storing any item regardless of its size. You can use your storage unit for residential, business, or vehicle storage. You can also keep your outdoor recreation equipment safe in your storage unit. Some units have ample space to store several vehicles and still accommodate other items.

Final thoughts

When choosing your unit, make sure that it suits your needs. Consider the security features, the time of the year, and leasing options provided by the renter. Remember, it is essential to have a self-storage unit to keep your items safe from theft and harsh weather conditions that may otherwise cause damage to your items. To learn more about our drive up storage units, give us a call at 541-302-8060 or contact us online today.