To be productive, you need a well-organized workspace. Whether this is your home office or your company warehouse, decluttering your space can do wonders for your creativity and efficiency, not to mention your mental health. Use these office storage ideas to improve your work area and to set yourself up for success.


It all starts with decluttering. Look around your office and take inventory of what items you have. Start grouping items into what you want to keep, donate, and toss. By only keeping items you need, you can better focus on the tasks at hand. If you have items you use seasonally or won’t need for a while, you can store them out of sight in a closet or storage unit.

Dedicating Space for Work

Whether it’s a gym area for exercising, a bedroom for sleeping, or a laundry room for cleaning clothes, there’s a lot to say about having a dedicated space for your different activities. Make your office space ripe for productivity by only keeping items you need in your work area and putting the rest in storage. This will help keep your area clutter-free, make it easier to find items you use, and keep unused items safe in long-term storage.

Filing Items

Generally, offices house a lot of items. Whether this is in the form of documents and recipients or products you sell, it’s critical to track your items accurately. Some great ways to stay organized are by establishing a filing and inventory system. Use expandable folders, file boxes, and cabinets, so every item has a home.

Using Vertical Space

Vertical space is one of the most underrated office storage ideas. There’s often a lot of unused space on walls and ceilings that can easily be converted into storage. Use vertical space to mount folders, baskets, or even shelving. Maximizing your vertical storage space will help keep your desk clear, organized, and ready for work.

Improving Accessibility

A good rule of thumb for organizing any space is to make the things you use the most accessible. Whether these items are scissors, pencils, papers, or your laptop, make sure they have a dedicated space and that they are easy to access. The same principle applies to the information you refer to most often. Hang a pegboard above your desk and add a cork sheet to post reminders, pin a calendar, and record memos.

Reusing Objects

One of our favorite office storage ideas is to find new purposes for those cluttered objects. Use cans, mason jars, and old cookie tins to organize utensils, paperclips, or tools. The options are endless, and once you get started, it becomes easier to do.

Adding Storage to Furniture

A great way to increase storage space is by building it into your furniture. Add drawers to your desk or create storage space beneath sitting areas. You can even build custom organizers into your furniture. This makes it easier to account for your items and keep your room tidy.

Making Storage Moveable

Making your storage moveable is a great way to keep your office area organized and flexible. Installing wheels on storage drawers, desks, cabinets, or even using utility carts will make it easier to use your space how you want to. You can also use portable organizers like shower caddies to carry your items into any room you want to work in.

Getting a Storage Unit

Storage units can make a world of difference if you want a more organized office space. By storing items you use less, you can improve your focus and efficiency in our office. For the best experience, find a storage unit near your office that is affordable and secure.

Turn Your Office Storage Ideas into Reality

Chambers Storage Unit offers durable, secure storage units to make office storage more convenient. Whether you need to store business inventory, extra office equipment, or seasonal items, we provide ample space and extremely affordable costs. To learn more about our facility, call us at 541-302-8060 or send us a message.