Do you need to store your belongings? From a move to a remodel, there are all sorts of reasons to choose a secure storage facility. Here’s everything you’ll want to know to keep your property safe while it’s out of your sight.

What Is a Secure Storage Facility?

What do you know about secure storage facilities? They essentially are self-storage facilities that provide more than merely a locked storage locker. Instead of a glorified lockable shed, you’ll receive a full array of features to keep your possessions safe from damage and theft.

High-level self-storage companies are very good at making sure your belongings stay safe. You can count on them to use things such as gated access, key code entry, and well-positioned lights as a baseline of defense. Frequently, an on-site manager lives at the facility to provide customer assistance and a constant eye on the site.

Sometimes you don’t need much more than the basic level of security. However, there are times when you’ll desire a superior level of protection for your belongings. Fortunately, top-notch storage facilities can give you confidence that even your most prized possessions receive the highest level of care at all times.

Superior Secure Storage Tactics

Items that are fragile, expensive, or irreplaceable deserve the best when it comes to a secure storage unit. This type of storage delivers protection from theft and damage. Although the monthly rental cost is usually slightly higher for advanced storage units, the peace of mind you’ll receive is worth a slightly higher bill.

Examples of the anti-theft procedures used at a facility include:

  • Individual unit alarms
  • Security cameras
  • Security patrols

Theft isn’t the only danger facing things placed in an off-site storage unit. It’s also critical that your most precious belongings avoid damage from disasters like fire, water, and dramatic temperature/humidity fluctuations. Look for storage companies that offer protections such as:

Climate control is invaluable in protecting items such as fragile photographs, antique furniture, and vintage clothing. Generally, if something can face substantial damage from dramatic temperature and humidity levels, you should opt for a climate-controlled facility.

Interestingly, notes that there aren’t any set climate-control standards used by everyone in the storage industry. Companies offering this service strive to keep the temperature and humidity levels within their climate-controlled building within an established range. However, it’s smart to ask the storage facility to clarify the exact climate-control numbers if you’re concerned.

5 More Storage Tactics

Choosing a superior secure storage facility is an excellent first step. Here are five more tactics to ensure that your belongings stay safe in storage.

No.1- Storage Boxes and Supplies

Do not throw your unboxed belongings into a storage unit. Instead, take the time to place your items into well-made storage boxes. Make sure not to overpack each box.

No.2- Label Each Box

Do you want to rely on your memory when it comes to retrieving an item from one of the boxes? You can make finding a specific item easy by labeling each container. It’s an even better idea to create a master list that corresponds to the box labels.

No.3- Invest in Storage Shelves

Experts recommend investing in storage shelves to hold your belongings in an organized manner. Even better, the boxes might avoid potential moisture damage if stored above the concrete floor. Check out Pinterest for even more ideas on how to arrange your storage unit.

No.4- Pick the Correct Size

Don’t skimp on the unit size. We know that you want to be frugal, but your possessions will thank you for giving them enough space. Ask the facility manager for advice if you are not sure about how much space you’ll require.

No.5- Check Your Insurance Policy

There is no way to prevent damage and loss at a secure storage facility. Protect yourself by making sure that your insurance policy adequately covers everything that you store in your unit. Generally, your homeowner’s policy protects your off-site property from things like fire, theft, and vandalism.

Keep in mind that your homeowner’s policy has a personal property limit. You might want to consider purchasing the additional insurance coverage offered at your storage facility. Don’t forget to buy flood insurance if you don’t already carry it.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, secure storage lets you rest comfortably when circumstances demand that you store your belongings away from home. Choose a storage facility that matches your security needs and use our additional tips to keep your precious items safe.

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