An outdoor storage box can be useful for storing items you only use occasionally, such as hoses, outdoor games or toys, small gardening tools, and more. However, they fall short of creating extra square footage you may need to store larger items safely or to keep your home or garage from becoming too cluttered. So when should you ditch the storage container and get a storage unit? Read on for everything to know about shifting away from an outdoor storage box into a secure, weatherproof month-to-month storage unit.

Signs it is Time to Upgrade Your Outdoor Storage Box

All outdoor items are subject to the elements, and in Lane County, that means a whole lot of precipitation. Unfortunately, when this moisture penetrates your outdoor storage box your items can become damaged by either the moisture or the ensuing mold and mildew. So, if you find that the items inside your storage box are damp, it’s time to consider upgrading to a waterproof storage container.

Security concerns are another sign that it’s time to move the items in your outdoor storage box into a secure storage facility. Even if the items that you are currently storing in the outdoor container don’t have a lot of value, they can attract the interest of thieves, which nobody wants lurking around their home. If you’re concerned about theft or have other general security concerns, it’s smart to move your items into a gated self-storage facility.

Finally, insufficient storage space is also a compelling reason to ditch the storage box. If you have to cram your items in the storage box, they are at risk of becoming damaged. It may be helpful to consider that replacing broken or damaged items may cost more than renting a storage unit for a whole season.

Finding the Best Storage Unit to Replace Your Outdoor Storage Box

One of the things that people like most about an outdoor storage box is that it offers easy, convenient access. So, when searching for a storage unit, be sure you find a unit that offers easy, unobstructed, drive-up access.  

Because the items in a storage unit are often seasonal, such as lawn and garden tools, or seasonal sporting equipment, you should only pay for the storage unit when you need it.  To that end, it’s best to look for a public storage company that offers month-to-month contracts and will prorate your first and last months if you move in or out mid-month.

 When it comes to keeping your items safe while in storage, be sure to look for a gated facility that provides surveillance via cameras. Better yet, look for a storage unit that only offers one entry point, so that your belongings cannot be accessed any other way than through the front of the unit.  

You also need to ensure that the unit will keep your belongings in a clean, dry space while you are not using them. Shipping containers that are made of welded steel will protect your belongings from rain, sleet, and snow, with no risk of damage from a sprinkler due to a fire, either. 

Learn More About Lane County’s Favorite Storage Using Shipping Containers

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