Storage units are an affordable way to give yourself more living or working space. But you make them even more cost-efficient if you use the area smartly. Here are the best self-storage techniques for making the most of your storage unit.

Disassemble Large Items

Large items such as bedframes, headboards, tables, and other furniture can take up much less space if disassembled. Fold up bed frames, remove legs from tables, and store these items standing upright. If you cannot remove the legs from a table, use it as a shelf to hold smaller items.

Place Large, Heavy Boxes on the Ground

Large and heavy boxes should be placed close to the ground. That way, you can stack smaller, lighter items on top of them.

Stack as High as You Can

To get the most out of the cubic space in your self-storage unit, prioritize using the height of the space. The best self-storage units will be wide, long, and tall for easy stacking.

Consider Adding Shelves

Why not use an old bookshelf as shelving in your storage unit? You can stack small items, documents, tools, holiday decorations, pillows, linens, clothing, and other odds and ends on shelves. If you don’t have a shelving unit, look online for an inexpensive shelving unit to place in your storage space.

Fill Your Boxes

To make the most of the space available, be sure your boxes aren’t half empty. Filling each box will save space.

Use Hollow Areas of Furniture

Much like you can use an old bookshelf as a shelving unit, make use of empty dresser drawers, nightstand drawers, or armoires by storing items inside them.

Tips for Organizing Your Belongings in a Storage Unit

Finding what you need in your storage unit is just as important as making the most out of the space. Follow these best self-storage organization tips to keep your space tidy and your items accessible.

Label Everything

As time passes, you will likely forget which box contains what items. Labeling each box makes sense. You may even want to number each box, describe objects in each box, and upload or save the inventory list to your phone, computer, or tablet.

Use Clear Boxes for Small Items

If you have odds and ends, including tools, accessories for crating, loose photos, etc., place them in clear plastic storage bins. This will help you find what you need without opening and unpacking boxes.

Leave Yourself a Walkway

It is so important to leave a walkway for yourself. Otherwise, you may dread going to get items from your storage unit. Keep a clear pathway down the middle of your unit that allows you to access everything.

Store Items You’ll Access Most Often at the Front

If you’re storing seasonal items that you will use frequently like lawn equipment, bikes, or surfboards, keep them towards the front of your storage unit for fast access.

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