If you’re ready to declutter your home, downsize your office, or store belongings while traveling or between a move, it’s time to select the best storage container. While a variety of storage options exist, you may not be aware of the many benefits of storing your items in a shipping storage container. 

What is a Shipping Storage Container?

A shipping storage container is exactly what its name implies. It is a container used for transporting goods over land on tractor-trailers, or over the sea on cargo ships. Not surprisingly, these units are also referred to as sea cargo containers.

 Made of welded steel, these watertight units are notoriously secure, offering entry through one main door only. They are also incredibly durable, as they must be to safely transport items globally.

Shipping containers are the preferred storage option for countless manufacturers who rely on the strength and ability of these containers to withstand the elements of nature and protect their products. In the U.S., standardized shipping containers were first patented in 1956. Today, they not only transport goods and services, but also serve as individual storage units for renters. Those who choose shipping containers for storage find that the same benefits that this type of storage container offers for corporations also benefit individuals.

Benefits of a Renting a Shipping Container

The low cost of renting a shipping container is a major benefit. Cargo containers are often less expensive than other personal storage options. The low cost of the units is thanks to the lower overhead that the containers require.  

Accessibility is another reason that people prefer shipping containers for storage. These units are located on the ground floor, eliminating the need for elevators when moving items into and out of the unit. Many shipping container storage facilities allow you to drive right up to your unit and load or unload your belongings. Moreover, storage facilities that offer shipping containers also often offer extended access hours, every day of the week. 

Because shipping containers are made of steel and are only accessible through one entry point, the units are notoriously secure. The containers cannot be penetrated through a ceiling, rear door, or side wall. 

Shipping container storage units also offer month-to-month leases rather than mandatory minimum rental agreements. This makes them the perfect solution for short or long-term storage.   

Those who rent a sea-cargo container also benefit from a whole lot of space. Rather than deciding between a dozen or more storage unit sizes, you’ll choose from one of two sizes: 8’ x 20’ or 8’ x 40’. The large size of the units means you can store more belongings for less money than you may have to pay at a traditional storage facility. 

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