There’s no shortage of storage space in the U.S., with studies reporting that millions of people store personal and commercial belongings each year. If you’re one of the many business owners that need commercial storage solutions, you may wonder what to look for from a storage facility. Here’s a guide to 8 features you should look for when choosing commercial storage solutions.

1. Availability of Short Term Rentals

Commercial storage solutions offering short-term leases are ideal for businesses moving to new office spaces. Better yet, look for a commercial storage facility that offers prorated discounts for move-in or move-out dates that don’t necessarily coincide with a new calendar month. 

2. Plenty of Storage Space

Since business, industrial, or other commercial belongings may include large pieces of equipment, bulky office furniture, or even vehicles, it’s smart to look for commercial storage units that are large enough to accommodate all the items you need to store.

3. Affordability

Affordability is another feature to research when looking for the best commercial storage solutions. Look for storage companies that offer clear-cut pricing for different sizes of storage units. 

4. Accessibility

Ease of access without having to use elevators, climb stairs, or park away from your unit can make moving your items into and out of the storage unit faster and more convenient. Look for a storage facility that offers drive-up accessibility to each unit to avoid wasted time and energy when storing or retrieving your belongings. To ensure you can maneuver your vehicle while storing or retrieving your belongings, look for wide, paved aisles in front of your storage unit. 

5. Extended Access Hours

When storing items, it may be difficult to get to your storage facility during working hours. Therefore, it’s wise to look for commercial storage solutions that offer extended hours so that you can store or retrieve belongings early in the morning or into the evening hours every day. 

6. Robust Security

The storage facility you choose should boast robust security features, such as controlled access to the facility, a perimeter or security fence, and plenty of security cameras. For added security, consider unique storage unit options such as welded steel shipping cargo containers. These storage units can only be accessed through a single front, visible door. 

7. Online Payment

To avoid having to make payments in person, or remembering to mail a check each month, look for commercial storage facilities that offer online payment portals. 

8. Locally Owned and Operated

As a business owner, you’ll support a fellow business owner in your community when renting storage space from a locally owned and operated company. 

Affordable, Secure, Large Commercial Storage Solutions in Lane County

Chambers Connector Storage is a locally owned and operated storage facility in Eugene, offering the most affordable storage rates in the area. Sea cargo shipping containers are available in 8’ X 20’ or 8’ x 40’ to hold cars, business inventory, or personal items. We are open each day from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm. All sea cargo containers offer ground-level drive-up access. To learn more, call 541-302-8060 or send us a message.